Oil Filtration Made Easy

VITO oil filter systems save up to 50% costs simply by cleaning the frying oil and shortening the downtime of any frying medium. With our fully automatic frying oil filtration, your oil will be clean after only 4.5 minutes! VITO needs no supervision and offers the highest work safety due to zero contact with the hot frying medium.

  • Save 50% of oil costs

    Significantly increase the lifetime of your frying oil.

  • Improve food quality

    Serve perfectly fried products thanks to clean oil.

  • Minimize workload

    Save time and effort by minimizing oil changes and fryer cleaning.

  • Made in Germany

    The best German engineering for your kitchen

How It Works


    Deep-frying oil is used over the course of a few days and requires cleaning in order to maintain food taste and quality.


    Simply place the VITO filter in the deep fryer and press start. After 4.5 minutes it stops automatically.


    Cooking oil is now clean and ready to be used immediately.

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