100% Made In Germany

VITO HQ in Germany

Our History

Founded in 2001, VITO has over 22 years of experience in the production and sales of filtration systems - VITO filters quickly became a standard in professional kitchens and bakeries. Today, VITO is present in 150 countries, with our products used by more than 50,000 customers.

All VITO filter systems are produced at our headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany. Every VITO product leaving our facilities are thoroughly vetted by Quality Specialists throughout the entire production process.

When you use VITO, you are getting the best that German engineering has to offer.

Excellence in Oil Filtration Technology

Used daily, VITO filters remove food particles and carbon from your frying oil. Frying in clean, filtered oil will result in better tasting and better looking fried food products.

This reduces the frequency of oil change, resulting in cost and labour savings.

Customer Testimonials

See how London Heathrow Marriot Hotel used VITO to reduce costs and improve food quality for their customers.