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VITO FT 440 Oil Tester

VITO FT 440 Oil Tester

The FT 440 Oil Tester determines the temperature and the quality of your frying oil by measuring the Total Polar Material (TPM) content in the oil. The top light shows 3 colours - Green (oil quality OK), Yellow (oil quality requires monitoring), Red (filtering required), giving clear indication when it is time to filter your oil.

  • Measure the quality and temperature of your oil
  • Filter your oil at the right time
  • Quick and reliable measuring results
  • Supports HACCP quality standards
  • Ergonomic and sturdy design
  • High degree of protection (IP67)

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  • Dimensions: 54mm x 22mm x 314mm
  • Parameters: % Total Polar Material (TPM), °C/°F
  • Resolution: 0.5% TPM, 0.1 °C/°F
  • TPM Range: 0 - 40%
  • Temperature Range: 50°C - 200°C (122°F - 392°F)
  • Accuracy: ±2.0% TPM, ±1°C/°F
  • Battery: 3V Lithium (CR 2477)
  • IP Code: IP 67
  • Top Light: Green (oil quality OK), Yellow (oil quality requires monitoring), Red (filtering required)


Connecting VITO to your local Wi-Fi allows it to send usage data into a web-based cloud, where you can remotely access detailed information about VITO usage from your smartphone, tablet or computer - anytime, anywhere.

VITOconnect enables documentation of time stamps of the filtration cycles, generate custom usage reports, set target filtration cycle goals, and create custom alerts if filtration cycle target was not met. 

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